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Meet Lone Star Chevrolet's Internet Sales Team!
Lone Star Chevrolet  New Sales:  (855) 623-6602   l   Pre-Owned:  (855) 623-6602   l   Service: (855) 408-0336

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  • Sales (800) 888-8889
    • Johnnie Smith Photo
      Johnnie Smith
      General Manager
      Phone : 281-517-7000
    • Anthony Williams Photo
      Anthony Williams
      New Sales Manager
      Phone : 281-517-7000
    • Robert St. Romain Photo
      Robert St. Romain
      Fleet Director
    • Homer Ford Photo
      Homer Ford
      Dealer Trades
    • Elena Trevino Photo
      Elena Trevino
      Internet Sales Director
      Phone : 281-517-7000
    • New Internet Sales
      Phone : (281) 779-1374
      Harry Doggett
      New Internet Sales
      Phone : (281) 779-1374

      Hello, my name is Harry Doggett, I'm from Houston TX. My background has been in Automotive Sales and I am now working as a New Car Internet Sales Manager at Lone Star Chevrolet. I am married with 3 children and am an active part of our community. I enjoy helping people fulfill their dream of getting a New Vehicle at the right price. My hobbies are watching movies, and going to Starbucks. I am customer oriented, customer minded, and would like to help you with all of your automotive needs.

    • New Internet Sales
      Phone : 281-517-7060
      Sid Templeton
      New Internet Sales
      Phone : 281-517-7060

      Cell 281-802-1043 Hello, my name is Sid Templeton and I'm from Houston Texas. My background has been in Music* and Oil & Gas Exploration** and I am now working in Internet Sales at Lone Star Chevrolet. I am married with a wonderful daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter. I enjoy motorcycle trips throughout Texas and my wife and I like renting motorcycles when we visit other states. My hobbies are fishing, golf, and playing the guitar (although time has reduced my skill level). My goal is to change how most people feel about the process of buying a car. I never liked it so why would I expect others to. By listening, understanding and caring about each customer's needs I aim to make the process professional, without pressure, and just put fun back into buying. With the customer in mind I would really like to help you, your family, and friends with all of their automotive needs. *Music: On January 19, 2008 I was honored by the Museum of the Gulf Coast Music Hall of Fame for my music while playing in "The Clique". It was a great time because I hadn't seen many of my old friends for nearly forty years. **Oil and Gas Exploration: My time was spent in Cairo, Bombay, Gabon, Tunis, Luanda Angola, and even managed to get in a couple years in The Gulf of Mexico.

    • Bob Wills Photo
      Bob Wills
      New Internet Sales
      Phone : (832) 229-7633
    • Andy Strokos Photo
      Andy Strokos
      New Internet Sales
      Phone : (281) 300-6440
    • Geoff Macmillan Photo
      Geoff Macmillan
      New Internet Sales
      Phone : 832-602-8970
    • Arland (AJ) Metzger Photo
      Arland (AJ) Metzger
      New Internet Sales
      Phone : 832-721-2886
    • Donavan Bassett Photo
      Donavan Bassett
      New Internet Sales
      Phone : 601-473-6565
    • Kelvin Brown Photo
      Kelvin Brown
      New Internet Sales
      Phone : 618-303-4862
    • Robert Jones Photo
      Robert Jones
      New Internet Sales
      Phone : 281-517-7000
    • Vernon Smith Photo
      Vernon Smith
      New Internet Sales
      Phone : 281-517-7000
    • Joe
      Joe "Big Joe" Fitzpatrick
      New Vehicle Sales
      Phone : 713-201-4306
    • Corey Baldwin Photo
      Corey Baldwin
      New Vehicle Sales
    • Mike Thomason Photo
      Mike Thomason
      New Vehicle Sales
      Phone : 281-793-5389
    • New Vehicle Sales
      Phone : 281-914-6378
      Pedro Garcia
      New Vehicle Sales
      Phone : 281-914-6378

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    • George Avila Photo
      George Avila
      New Vehicle Sales
      Phone : 281-517-7752
    • Michael Gregory Photo
      Michael Gregory
      New Vehicle Sales
    • Orban Reed Photo
      Orban Reed
      New Vehicle Sales
    • Mix Cocco Photo
      Mix Cocco
      Pre-Owned Sales Manager
    • Sid Feliciano Photo
      Sid Feliciano
      Pre-Owned Internet Sales
      Phone : (832) 794-5253
    • Tim Carpenter Photo
      Tim Carpenter
      Pre-Owned Internet Sales
      Phone : (713) 302-0569
    • Darryl Burns Photo
      Darryl Burns
      Pre-Owned Internet Sales
      Phone : (832) 668-9121
    • Daniel Woolsey Photo
      Daniel Woolsey
      Pre-Owned Internet Sales
    • Derick Ward Photo
      Derick Ward
      Pre-Owned Internet Sales
    • Jordan Arnold Photo
      Jordan Arnold
      Pre-Owned Internet Sales
    • Luis Pastor Photo
      Luis Pastor
      Pre-Owned Internet Sales
    • Mack Flournoy Photo
      Mack Flournoy
      Pre-Owned Internet Sales
    • Marcus Posey Photo
      Marcus Posey
      Pre-Owned Internet Sales
    • Robert Thomas Photo
      Robert Thomas
      Pre-Owned Internet Sales
    • Syed Jaffery Photo
      Syed Jaffery
      Pre-Owned Internet Sales
    • Sal Loya Photo
      Sal Loya
      Pre-Owned Sales